• Learning more about your ban.
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Learning more about your ban.
on: April 22, 2018, 09:21:51 PM
Were you just kicked by the Llama Punter system on a server? This guide is for you!

First Step: Finding whether your ban is a global or a non-global ban.
Llama Punter is a customizable ban manager that was installed by the server administrator. There is a master ban list that the server operators receive (but can opt out!). There is also a list that they create and/or subscribe to from other server admins.

Fortunately, Llama Punter has a self-service search system, you can look at this link. https://punter.vengefulllama.com/status/

If your ban is a master list ban:

Master list bans are permanent, however they can be whitelisted by individual server admins. You can contact the community you want to play on with your GUID and they can whitelist if they trust you. Master list bans are not added without evidence from trusted administrators.

If your ban is a network ban:

See which admin enacted the ban. Contact that community directly. They have to the be the ones that remove that ban from the system. If you're unsure how to contact them please feel free to contact me or post on this forum and someone will try to help you out.