Unreal Tournament 2004 - Game Servers

Starting in 2004 with a 384kbps connection in the basement, we have since grown to owning entire racks and have practically unlimited bandwidth for hosting files and games. It’s amazing how things have changed, but we are very fortunate to be able to keep our servers online for everyone to play and have a nice afternoon of nostalgia. 

Don’t forget to hop into our discord server and hang out if you’re coming to play on our servers!

Is your game not working? Update to new Master Server!

As of January 24th 2023 Epic Games has shut down their master servers for UT2004. The great news though is that OpenSpy, a community project aimed at restoring FULL functionality to gamespy games, has a fully functional Master Server built through reverse engineering. All the servers have been moved over to it. 

Updating your game is really simple to do. Check out how on this page

USA Servers

European Servers