Welcome to PWC-Gaming

Welcome to one of the longest running gaming communities for Unreal Tournament 2004 and other games. Started in 2004 by Dan Christensen (aka Sgt.Muffin) the community grew from a small group of 4 or so people, to a group of dozens. 

Over the years we have grown into more than just a gaming community. Our team has been responsible for projects like Llama Punter, the global ban system for Unreal Tournament 2004. Our public redirect server, hosting over 1 terabyte of (uncompressed) data for the public to use as needed.  The easy Lan-in-a-Box server for LAN Parties. You can host a fully functional LAN server out of a simple download package.  

Today, our community still plays on weekends and some days during the week. COVID has caused a lot of us to be around more and get together to relive one of the most expansive game ever made. 

We invite you to join our Discord server and get to know us. You’ll be happy you stopped by!

Some of the maps you'll get as part of our decade deluxe pack.

A Super Map Pack

This map pack comes with 53 Maps for you. 37 Assault Maps, 10 PWC Dodgeball Maps, and 6 Whipmatch Maps. Try some of the best maps our team and community contributors have created from the 2015 deluxe pack.

ZIP Archive (536MB) or RAR Archive (457MB) or EXE Installer (415MB)

PWC Turbo Vehicles

Have you ever wondered, “How would race maps work if the vehicles were even harder to control?” Well… you moron, we have it answered. PWC Turbo Vehicles is an extension of our existing PWC Vehicles but with the speeds increased to the point where they are very hard to control. That being said, there is a technique to tame these things. 

Vote for Turbo Vehicles on our Assault Server to try it out. There is also a random chance one of the spawns around the map will spawn a special version of Scorpion or Hellbender.