Welcome to PWC-Gaming!

Thank you for visiting our website. PWC-Gaming is a gaming community originally based around the game Unreal Tournament 2004. Our community was pretty well known during those years with our massive amount of custom content produced for the game as well as our piles of dedicated servers we have ran.

While we do not play Unreal Tournament 2004 as much as we used to, we still have a massive appreciation for it. We continue to keep our dedicated servers online for those who want to play on it. Our services like our public redirect server that hosts over a 1.2TB of content (if decompressed), and our popular game firewall Llama Punter, which now offers free hybrid redirect hosting for people.

Get Involved, Join the Discussion!

If you’re looking to hang out with us, the best place to go is to our discord server. We have hundreds of people in here, and we talk about everything in there. 

We invite you to join in and ask us questions or join in the silliness. Our server is designed to be a mostly random area for discussion of gaming and technology.

Some Maps & Photos

Stuff we have made (non-maps)

  • UltraBTimes: This is a blatant ripoff of PsyBestTimes but designed to be for everyone. Went through the code base to rewrite it for general use.
  • PWC Deemer: A modified version of the Redeemer that launches while blaring loudly “America, Fuck Yeah!” from Team America World Police. It is designed to make it more obvious if one is near because the sound travels further, and is not stealthy. Explodes with George Bush saying “You just fell for the trap” (meme)
  • Holly Jolly Deemer: Based off of the same code, and actually what the PWC Deemer was based off, the Holly Jolly Deemer blasts Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives while flying around and explodes with “MERRY CHRISTMAS” shouted. 
  • PWC Dodgeball: PWC Dodgeball is a slight edit of the standard mode with the online fix embedded into the game. The weapons fire at a different rate, there are some different sounds, different colors, and more maps with the standard release.
  • PWC Genuine Advantage: An embeddable mod that modifies the core of a map that disallows further edits, and embeds a HTTP call out check to verify server can run a map. This was created back when we spent a lot of time creating custom content to attract people to our server, and we were tired of people just taking our stuff, which we have since stopped caring (for quite a long time). The second version of this was built into ExcessiveBendersV3 and we lost our master key so that map is forever unplayable. Backfire much?
  • PWC Map Control: A windows application that has functions to patch maps blocking them from loading in UnrealEd by corrupting specific bits in the map file, allowing it to run just fine in game, but when unreal editor attempts to load it will crash it.
  • PWC Colorizer: This is a barebone server and map colorizer based on the gradient generator that AccessPlus uses. You can now use the nice colorizer feature without installing the extra stuff that AccessPlus does. 
  • PWC Turbo Vehicles: A modified version of vehicles designed to be so fast and insanely hard to control. When enabled it will replace the stock vehicles with turbo vehicles. You can cheat a lot of maps, but you have to plan a bit more as the handling sucks.
  • Weapon Pickup Limit: A mutator that limits how many times a weapon can be picked up. This was created to stop redeemer campers on our assault server.
  • PWC Plugin Pack: This is a mutator that is required for a lot of our maps as it has all of our mutators that we like to pack together. It includes our skinned vehicles, vehicle mutators, and our special server edition (not available to public) contains additional server fixes and tweaks.
  • Vehicle Trials: Originally we created the first vehicle only trials map, Vehicle Skill Trials. Vehicle Trials is a sub mode of trials where you have BTimes Scorpions that can pass through all other vehicles. The map will spawn you in a scorpion. Vehicle is fast and hard to control. Maps run like Solo so everyone is on their own. Feels like Trackmania really.
  • Trial Achievements: Before achievements and items really expanded out, Trial Achievements was a web suite that would talk to our trials server. Players could see the times on maps, and who got recent records. Players could also get a banner they could share and use on forums around the internet. Players could also unlock free chests and win more in game currency.
  • Llama Punter Network: When UTAN shut down we developed a replacement that was way easier to use and gave everyone MORE information instantly. This system is still in use today, and a great way to keep track of the player flow in the community.
  • WhipMatch: This is a game mode but technically could have just been a Mutator. The mode is deathmatch but with weapons that do not hurt, they just toss you around. The maps for Whipmatch are designed so that you can blasted off of the world and die, or pushed into spots that will kill you.