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Welcome to PWC-Gaming

Welcome to one of the top 10 gaming communities for Unreal Tournament 2004. Founded in 2004, PWC-Gaming (aka PWE, {PW}, PW) started by SgtMuffin. Built as a community of baffoons, we then began to get addicted to content creation and working with other top communities to develop some amazing maps, mutators, and miscellaneous content (such as Llama Punter) for Unreal Tournament 2004.

The community is still strong, although it certainly had changes over the years. If it has been a while or you're looking for some new online friends to hang out with, PWC-Gaming is the place for you.

A Community with Bandwidth

Originally in our early days of the community we had 384kbps of bandwidth, then upgraded to 3x T1 (4.5mbps). We now utilize PWC-Network's backbone at our Kansas City, Chicago, Atlanta, and Vint Hill server racks, with 15gbps at our hands. Expect a good stable connection to our servers and very fast downloads from our public redirect as well as download center.

This community is ran and will forever be ran at a loss. It is a labor of love.

Changing Lives

Due to stat tracking over the years, PWC-Gaming maps have been played for over 15 years of human time. There is no way to know what damage we have done and caused to friendships, marriages, and families. We apologize up and down for any troubles caused. We will however not take responsibility for any fun. That's all on you buddy...

Thank you for all the continued years of fun and togetherness! -SgtMuffin


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