Introducing Hybrid Redirect

For well over a decade we have been hosting a public redirect server for UT2004 allowing players to find some really old classic files and restore maps that we thought were lost to time. We have tens of thousands of files, that extract to well over a terabyte! All backed on our very capable MuffinCDN platform.

While the game is discontinued we still many who want to set up a server and play with their friends. They learn the hard way that our public redirect server has a lot of outdated files and because it is meant as an archive, we do not swap files out. We felt bad about it. Then one day, SgtMuffin thought about how to solve this. 

The solution is our Hybrid Redirect!

The solution was simple.

Sometimes the best solution is the most simple one. A system that would automatically redirect to the file on our public redirect server UNLESS you have uploaded a file to your private file bucket. We built this in literally one evening. Because we wanted to utilize a login system, and did not want to rewrite or build a new system, we utilized our Llama Punter Network website. Create a free account there and you’ll have instant access to a hybrid redirect server.

Every user gets 512MB of custom file storage for uz2 files. If you need more talk to SgtMuffin about a premium account where you get 2GB of storage instead.

Getting started with an account.

  1. Go to https://punter.vengefulllama.com/register/
  2. Create an account and verify your email. 
  3. Sign into your account on the Operation Login page.
  4. Go to the redirect tab.  
  5. You will be given your unique redirect URL that you will need to set in UT2004.ini on your server.
  6. Upload as many files as you want (within space limitations) when a player joins. This URL will check if your uploads has the file, if not it will check on our public redirect. Your upload will ALWAYS take priority! 
  7. If you run out of space, and you know some files are not on our public redirect, upload them there and delete them from your bucket to save some storage.

Support if you have problems.

If you run into problems please reach out to SgtMuffin. 

  1. Email him at sgtmuffin@pwc-networks.com
  2. Join our discord and DM him, or @ him in our #ut2004 channel
  3. Tweet at him on twitter

Please be patient in a response. SgtMuffin has 20 employees who is pulling him all sorts of directions. He will do his best to help you as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding, afterall… it’s free!