In the Beginning...

PWC Gaming started off in 2004 as PWE. It was a community designed for SgtMuffin and his friends to play with the same group. The group was for fun and we had a 6 person server running in his basement. 

As time went on, SgtMuffin started to get into map design, and set up a special website at the time for our clan which was ut2004.projectilewaffle.com. We shortened the name of our group to PW (ProjectileWaffle). 

The group for a long time consisted of a relatively user base, primarily of friends and good online acquaintances. Below are some photos of the original headquarters in SgtMuffin’s parent’s basement.

The Mid-Years...

In 2007, SgtMuffin went to started working full time since graduating from college. As money started to flow in, he spent frivolously, and eventually in 2010 bought his first home and got away from the basement… to a house that surprisingly had no basement. While the initial boom of players had started to fade out a bit, our community was still going strong. Here are some photos of the place.

The 2020's and Beyond...

In 2020, SgtMuffin bought the company he had been working at since 2007. He moved to his now current house in the fall of 2020 and things went out of control since.

This is the Game Room currently. Never a shortage of stuff to do at PWC Central.