Our Game Servers

Starting with hosting a single 6 person server because we only had 384kbps upload… we have come a long way. PWC-Gaming (part of PWC-Networks) has access to our 14gbps backbone between our transit providers. If you run into any problems with lag or server issues please let us know!

Assault & Race Server

Our Assault and Race server is by far the most popular server of ours. This server runs most of the maps that made us famous. We still surprise people every so often with a new release, like the King of the Hill map, and some Deluxe map upgrades to change up a classic. Join our discord and play with us on the weekend!

Trials Server

PWC-Gaming was the first community outside of the Elite Trials Server to have access to the private version of Best Times. We have created tons of custom trial maps, as well as a pile of custom items for your player you will not find on other servers. We are the “Official” USA Trials server. We released our server’s maps as a pack if you want to download them.

Fraghouse Nations

Fraghouse Nations is a special build of Invasion. We started with a base version of Fraghouse 4. Piled on tons of mods and modified them to work within the invasion game mode. Fraghouse by itself was a total conversion mod, but we have edited it so you do not have to download any special packs, the server will send you what you need to play. There is built in RPG too!


Here is our onslaught server. Set up for the hell of it. We never use it… It’s a great game mode but you know… only so much time in the day.

Deathmatch / Arenamaster

This is our competitive server. We have a pile of curated maps for Deathmatch and other deathmatch type modes. It’s a nice server, bots are set skilled.