About PWC-Gaming

PWC-Gaming is a gaming community started by Dan Christensen (aka Sgt.Muffin) in 2004. The community was started as just a group of his friends who would play games on a small server. At the time being a student we had no budget for servers, so we ran them based off of old left over computers. 

Around this time the Dan started to get into the world of mapping for the game Unreal Tournament 2004. The main goal of creating maps was to have custom stuff making our servers an edge over the others with custom content. The first map created was “Fuck Around” which was a free-roaming map where you could spawn vehicles, drive around and have fun glitching stuff. 

Over the years, SgtMuffin has created over 50 maps for Unreal Tournament 2004, mostly in the Assault Gamemode (in the form of Trials or Race maps). We have created content used by communities like iO, Reborn Gamers (Nachos and Beer), Omnipotents, and more!

What the heck does PWC stand for?

PWC stands for the “Projectile Waffle Community.” Originally our website was ProjectileWaffle.com and with time it was a limited clan with no real openings. We since converted it into a community, adding a C into our PW. Truth Time: Dan was too young and stupid to realize that PWC is known for another business, and this was a coincidence. 

Still Around!

While our community has changed over the years, the content is still available and our community still hangs out and plays the game occasionally. We invite you to join in our Discord server and hang out, hope to see you there!

Old Office (extra PCs for friends)
Old Office (Basement)
Our 500mhz Server
Current: Game Room
Current: Computer Room (with extra PCs for friends)