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I started purchasing pinballs about 6 years ago, sinking most of my extra money into them especially when I really shouldn’t have been. That being said I think all of us have done stuff like that for our hobbies. Anywho…

My first real machine I ever purchased was F-14 Tomcat, which I sold because I had no idea how to fix things and the machine needed some work. After selling it to another local collector, I put it towards a VirtuaPin. The machine is amazing and I had fun trying to emulate more modern machines on it. At some point though I really wanted to get a real one to go with it.

I purchased a NIB (new in box) Mustang Pro from Stern Pinball and when I realized just how amazing the actual machines are it made the virtual one lame. You get sucked into Virtual if that’s all you have access to but when you get the pleasure to play a real machine, it puts how much further virtual systems need to go.

Slowly as years went on and my pay slowly went up I had the opportunity to purchase about one per year. I took some left over home sale money in 2020 to get 4 machines bringing my total to 9.

Current list of machines:

Guns N Roses SE (Jersey Jack)
Jurassic Park Pro (Stern Pinball)
Black Knight Sword of Rage (Stern Pinball)
Star Wars Pro (Stern Pinball)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Stern Pinball)
Mustang Pro (Stern Pinball)
The Six-Million-Dollar Man (Bally)
Flash (Williams)
VirtuaPin (N/A)

Here is a sample of SgtMuffin playing the Guns N Roses (Standard Edition) from Jersey Jack Pinball
He was lucky enough to receive his game right away in October.