About PWC-Gaming

PWC-Gaming was started by SgtMuffin at the age of roughly 14-15 years old. The community was incredibly small and only involved his close friends, and was created to essentially mimic what he was seeing happen where gamers were forming groups. From that PWE (at the time) had a very small 6 person server (that's all the upload we had).

The first map ever made that was used on the server was "FuckAround" which was an open world map where you could play around with modified vehicles and hop around. It was popular, and there were several iterations of that map.

Since that time we started to get more into Assault Race maps as they are quite addicting. Over the years partnering with iO, Nachos & Beer, Omnipotents, and more, PWC content has made it all around the internet, and has an estimated 15+ years of wasting people's lives (based on logged played hours).

Around 2007, sgtmuffin started making money and now had money to spend on the community. We had powerful servers, and still to this day utilize probably overpowered machines, but the goal is to deliver a great gaming experience. While we know the game Unreal Tournament 2004 is mostly dead, we keep our servers up in a limited capacity for people to enjoy our hard work over the past decade(s).

PWC-Gaming has been known over the years as PWE, {PW} / PW, and PWC, and stands for Projectile Waffle Community, as Projectile Waffle.com was SgtMuffin's site back in the day.

Our community is full of people who are friendly and welcoming and you'll find a home with us. Stop in our discord and hang out!

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